About target audiences of our project.

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Dear Friends!

Today’s post is about you! About target audiences of our project. There are three of them. And here is a brief description of each one.

Group 1: CONTRIBUTORS and MINERS — they are fans of cryptocurrency earnings and payments. They bet on real projects and “skim the cream” buying tokens in the early sales stages. These people are a bit gambling, they like analytics, making previews and betting. Buying tokens, they believe in ICO and dream that the project will repeat the success of Bitcoin, so they will tell to their children and grandchildren they were at the very beginning of the story.

In addition to the romantic ones, there are also real financial brokers who participate in Token Sale to diversify their portfolio. But the majority, in our opinion, is independent participants of the financial market, developers and those ones close to IT area.

Group 2: BUSINESS AND WEBSITES OWNERS — they are installing the Sharpay Multisharing button, they need a result, an effective SMM campaign, promotion of their product among relevant groups, traffic to the site, conversions and sales. Perhaps, they are not much experienced in the crypto world, but they know for sure that the blockchain is the technology of the future, which is important and necessary, and available to benefit from already today.

Group 3: ACTIVE USERS of SOCIAL MEDIA — they specially distribute interesting content with a purpose to get token income to their accounts. They are young people who have a conscious interest in cryptocurrencies; for them, earning is a proof of their own consistency and independence. These people are also the ones who look for answers in the Internet, many of them are eager to communicate, share, express their opinions, combining time spent on the network, with profits.

Do they look like you? Have you recognized yourself? Which group do you belong to?

In Sharing We Trust!

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