About the Sharpay tokens and our own blockchain

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Dear friends!

We get a lot of questions about our tokens and our own blockchain. Today we want to tell you about our plans related to these items.

1. At the end of the main Token Sale, we will issue the ERC20 tokens and credit them to all our customers to personal wallets.

2. After listing of our tokens on the exchanges, all buyers will be able to sell and buy our ERC20 tokens. The listing is scheduled after June. We do not inform in advance whom we are negotiating with, this is prohibited by the rules of exchanges. But we will let you know when everything is ready!

3. Our users who did not buy, but receive tokens for sharing, will also be able to sell tokens on exchanges. For this, a minimum threshold will be established, from which it will be possible to make transfers. The size of the threshold will be reported in the future.

4. Then, according to the plan in 2019, we will launch our high-speed blockchain with cheap transactions and make the migration of tokens. After that, the holders of a small number of our tokens will be able to make transfers from the Sharpay system to the exchanges.

5. Creating of our own blockchain is very important for us, because we need a full cycle ecosystem.

6. At the same time, there is an alternative. From experienced blockchain enthusiasts and members of our community, we periodically receive recommendations to make migration from ERC20 not to our own blockchain, but to use EOS or Ripple, for example. They argue this by the fact that it will optimize our system and increase the capitalization of our tokens due to synergy with a large blockchain.

7. We consider with interest and analyze such variants of the development.

8. The question of having of our own blockchain is tactical. Our goal is not to use our own blockchain, but the successful realization of the project as a whole growth of our capitalization.

We understand perfectly that it is not so important for all our token holders, what kind of blockchain we will be, it is important for everyone that we are successful! If we are successful, you will be happy, won’t you?

We will keep you informed about the results of our research and decisions!

In Sharing We Trust!

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