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2 min readJun 28, 2020


Dear Sharpay Community Members!

Our feedback program as a part of all Sharpay’s official blogs and channels communication with our community (full list).

We are very attentive to our users and always keep in touch with them through all official channels. We have recently added a feedback program designed with our newly released UI in our application for all users. You can find a special “Send feedback” button in our Sharpay orange color at the bottom of each page when you log into your account. It is an additional means to interact with and listen to our users.

Besides, these are the ONLY official Sharpay social networks on which we post all our news and reply to all comments:

🔸 Official Sharpay Blog:

🔸 Official Sharpay Bitcointalk (En Thread):

🔸 Official Sharpay Bitcointalk (Ru Thread):

🔸 Official Sharpay Bitcointalk (Bounty Thread):

🔸 Official Sharpay Facebook account:

🔸 Official Sharpay Twitter account:

🔸 Official Sharpay GitHub:

🔸 Official Sharpay Medium channel:

🔸 Official Sharpay Reddit:

🔸 Official Sharpay Steemit account:

🔸 Official Sharpay channel:

🔸 Official Sharpay Golos.ID channel:

🔸 Official Sharpay WeChat group (please ask for invitation here):

Official Sharpay Telegrams (Only TWO!):

🔹 — only Public channel for Sharpay’s news

🔹 — only Private live chat with Sharpay Admin

✉️ Official Sharpay support email address:

Please be reminded that we have a bounty task for new good ideas, you have a chance to win 1,000+ S tokens by submitting your ideas to help grow Sharpay! You may read more here:

Tell us your idea and win S tokens

We always listen to our members and answer their questions. We believe it is the key for building a healthy community!

In Communication We Trust! Team