Answers on your questions!

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Dear Friends!

Please find below the answers to all the main questions you have in your mind and you need the clear replies to:

🔹 We will issue ERC20 Sharpay tokens in mid-late June 2018;
🔹 We will be listed in the exchanges in July 2018;
🔹 We will announce the agreements with exchanges in June/July;
🔹 A special field for adding your ETH address is now hidden in our settings and will appear in your account in mid-late June;
🔹 You will be able to add your current ETH address by yourself;
🔹 Transferring ERC20 Sharpay tokens to personal ETH addresses will start in late June/early July.​​​​​​​

Stay with us. Follow our news.

In Sharing We Trust!

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