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Hey, Everyone!
We have recently found a FAKE Twitter account:! THIS account is NOT ours! We don’t offer ETH almost for free. Be aware of it!

The Official Twitter Account is: (without a letter “s” at the end of “sharpay”)

Be very attentive! There are many other Fake accounts in social media, there are some of them, which are NOT ours:

🔹 Fake Sharpay Telegram groups which pretend to be us and announces Token Sale! These Telegram groups are: @sharpayicos, @sharpayprivate, @sharpayio!

🔹 Telegram user “Mark Vdovskikh” (@Markvdovsk, @Markvdovskii, @Markvdovski, @Markvdovskikk, @Markvdovskihh, etc. — he constantly changes his nicknames and group names), who claims to be “marketing manager at”, but he is NOT our manager, he is a Fake!

🔹 If you get Sharpay e-mails in a SPAM folder. PLEASE do not open, do not read them if you see a “red lock” sign next to the sender’s name. “Red lock” sign means a fake address. All the messages sent by us from our domain have the confirmed sender address and confirmed lock sign 🔒.

These are the ONLY official Sharpay sites and Social Media:

🔸 is ONLY Official Sharpay Website (

🔸 You can buy our tokens ONLY on our website Our official website is the only place where you can get a personal address to buy our tokens!

🔸 Official Sharpay Telegrams (Only TWO!):
@sharpay_io — only Public channel for Sharpay’s news (

@sharpay_admin — only Private chat with Sharpay Admin (

🔸 Official Sharpay Bitcointalk (en) —

🔸 Official Sharpay Bitcointalk (bounty) —

🔸 Official Sharpay Facebook account —

🔸 Official Sharpay Twitter account —

🔸 Official Sharpay GitHub —

🔸 Official Sharpay Medium channel —

🔸 Official Sharpay Reddit —

🔸 Official Sharpay Steemit account —

🔸 Official Sharpay Golos channel —

🔸 Official Sharpay e-mail address —

In Sharing We Trust!

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