Be aware of fake Sharpay Telegram groups!

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❗️ ❗️ATTENTION Please ❗️ ❗️

We found that some scammers created FAKE Sharpay Telegram groups! These Telegram groups ❌@sharpayicos, and ❌@sharpayprivate, and ❌@sharpayio and many others are FAKE Sharpay Telegrams!

This Telegram user “Mark Vdovskikh” (❌@MarkVodvskikhAdmin, ❌@MarkVodvskikh, ❌@MarkVodvskikh2, etc. — he constantly changes his nicknames and group names), who impersonates our “Marketing Manager” and deceives users’ private keys and passwords.

We had already reported this to Telegram, please DO NOT go to these FAKE Sharpay groups! Do not talk to this liar! — only Official Sharpay Website! (

We have ONLY TWO official Sharpay Telegrams:
@sharpay_io 1️⃣️ — only Public channel for Sharpay’s news (
@sharpay_admin 2️⃣️ — only Private chat with Sharpay Admin ( We believe that one to one communication is more effective!

3) All the tokens you bought are stored in your personal account on After passing our KYC procedure, you will be able to add your ETH address ONLY in your personal account on and after we will start the ERC20 Sharpay token distribution. Details and dates will be announced later here @sharpay_io ( and also on our official social networks.

Never tell anyone your passwords and private keys! We have never asked you and will never ask you your passwords and private keys!

In Sharing We Trust! Team

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