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Hi Sharpayers!

As you know, we pay a lot of attention to development. We know that the product comes first. Without a product there will be nothing. On the Internet, a product is a code. The better and faster the product code, the better the product works. Last year we did a great audit of our code. And then we realized that the time had come for the first big improvements. It’s time to “refactoring”.

After the audit, we did a lot of refactoring. But so far we have not talked about this. Today we publish the same last year’s big audit of our system (longread, 7 pages). Today, just read what our product really is and how we approach the development process. We did the audit ourselves. The full text of this audit is published on our blog.

If you have any thoughts, ideas, suggestions after reading our audit, please feel free to contact our Admin (

In Sharing We Trust! Team

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