Congratulations to everyone!

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Dear Sharpay Supporters!

We’ve got a lot of your questions today regarding our sales increase.

The answer is simple. Every day we have a lot of negotiations with potential contributors, we discuss partnerships, our button installation and sales. You remember, a few days ago, we announced a signing of two agreements with big funds, and we made a deal for amount more than 2.000 ETH just in one day. Congratulations to everyone! This leads us closer to fulfill our Roadmap completely and increases our ability to introduce multisharing all over the world!

Thank you for your support! We do not want to be content with what we already have, but we have a lot, we want to move on, conquer new heights and achieve even greater success! Without your help, we could not have achieved such results, so this victory can be called common!

We will keep you informed!

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