Cooperation with PECUN.IO!

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Dear Sharpay Community Members!

We are proud to announce our cooperation with PECUN.IO!

PECUNIO is an asset platform for safe and easy blockchain investments. The platform’s products and services cover the whole lifecycle of blockchain innovation. Investors benefit from a sound business model, which enables investments into angel & venture capital (AC&VC) investments, initial coin offerings (ICO) and high-end cryptocurrency funds. Their latest product, a gold-backed token, prevents volatility losses and will be exchangeable for physical gold worldwide. The investment platform focuses on users new to crypto as well as high equity investors and angel & venture capitalists.

PECUN.IO has recently successfully finalized its Token Sale, they raised 20,544,276 USD and they attract a lot of world media attention.

We are sure that bringing together bright minds, forming synergies, broadening our both networks will help and to grow.

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