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Dear Friends,

If you want to see us, ask your questions, get more details on or just discuss the crypto world and blockchain, we are glad to see you face to face.

Please find our Roadshow plans and destinations in May 2018:

🔸16–17, May — We participate in Monaco International Blockchain. This event is dedicated to the Blockchain and their applications. During the two days, international ICO and blockchain experts will share their thoughts and discuss the current situation and the future of the Blockchain technologies. We will present our Project there.

Right after MIB:
🔸May, 25 — Sharpay Team is happy to see you in Seoul, Korea
🔸May, 28 — You can meet us in Xiamen, China

We have a lot of meetings and negotiations with potential partners scheduled there. We also have appointments with our Sharpay Community and referrals.

Every day we have more and more Sharpay Supports all over the world. Our project gets larger and larger extending the boundaries. Thank you for being with us!

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