How to install the Sharpay sharing button to your website!

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The Sharpay button is a revolutionary and the most convenient SMM tool for sites multiple increasing traffic, conversions and sales. Websites owners can save a lot of time and money, using our button.

The Sharpay button can look like anything. You can choose a design from suggested or develop your own the most suitable for your site. The main feature of the button is the code, which is activated when you click on the button.

Right now you can install our Sharpay button to your website to increase your traffic and sales and encourage your users and visitors!

Please read the instruction and see yourself how simple and comfortable it is:

  1. Sign in / sign up on the website
  2. Click on your name and go to «webmaster area».
  3. Click on «Add project».
  4. Write the title of your own website.
  5. Point the domain names.
  6. Choose the Token reward model (Click-through, Sharing, Click-through and Sharing).
  7. Choose the effective period (the link will be expired and stop rewarding tokens to users after this period).
  8. Indicate the date of repeat visit (after the specified number of days, the user’s repeated visit will be considered as a new one).
  9. Choose the duration of visit (how much time should the user spend on the site so that his visit will be counted).
  10. Get the code!

It’s so easy and fast to install the Sharpay sharing button to your website! We still give free tokens to the owners of the websites who installed our button.
Don’t waste your time, try it right now! —

In Sharing We Trust!

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