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Dear Sharpay Community!

Sharpay share buttons with blockchain rewards are reinventing the existing share buttons with distinctive development features. They are the future of effective social media marketing.

Recently we got words of support and some interesting questions from Bimmerhead, a Legendary member on BitcoinTalk. His questions were about how our Sharpay buttons work in sharing, as the answers are related to our future development, we would like to share them with you.

🔸 Does Sharpay have a way of measuring how valuable a particular share is? For example, if I share to 50,000 followers on Twitter, do I receive more tokens than someone who shares to 10 followers? Do I receive more tokens if more people click on the link I shared?

First of all — yes, if visitors click on your shared links (shared using Sharpay buttons), you will get a token reward for each organic visit. This feature is a working basic option for our system.

Moreover, we are developing social power and targeting features. Our plan is to be able to calculate the social power of individual user based on their number of followers from different social media, and targeting bonus based on their demographic data, such as age group, interests, region.

The social power bonus is very simple. The more the followers/friends you have, the higher the bonus you will get. However, it is like stamina, the social power bonus will be decreased for each share and users will need to wait to restore it.

The targeting bonus aims to match users (target audience) with websites. Users can complete their profile (at their will, not compulsory) and they will be automatically included in the targeting bonus scheme. They will be able to get extra bonuses for sharing if they are in websites’ target groups.

For full questions and our answers, please visit our official BitcoinTalk topic:

If you have any questions regarding our development or you have some ideas to share with us, please do not hesitate to contact us (

We always answer all questions. We are open to all communications.

In Sharing We Trust! Team

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