Keep Calm and HODL Sharpay (S) Tokens

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Dear Sharpay Token Holders!

As you know, some time ago we have announced the first listing of our S (Sharpay) token on SIMEX exchange:

This is a good listing because SIMEX is a public US corporation from the list of TOP 15 cryptocurrency exchanges with good REAL volumes.

We received a lot of questions about trading on this exchange, about the market situation and the prospects of the price of our S token.

Some of you ask us about why it’s so difficult to pass SIMEX verification? The answer is simple: because SIMEX operates in strict accordance with US laws. If you have any questions about verification, then you need to contact SIMEX support.

Many of you ask us about trading bots and whether the price of our S token on the SIMEX exchange is real? YES. Trading on SIMEX is real and shows the real market price of our S token. And about the trading bots. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that many professional traders use bots for effective trading. We do not trade our tokens. But we are positive about trading through bots.

Others ask why the market price of our token was gradually dumped? For us, this is the most painful question, but you must understand that all of the answers are simple, and reflect the whole market situation especially ETH and all altcoins!

We have been working on this project for many years, we have a REAL WORKING PRODUCT, we have filed several patent applications, our company has no analogs and competitors! Sharpay multisharing button with blockchain rewards is a unique product! And we get very angry when someone unreasonably and undeservedly accuses our team.

The community should not blame us for the fact that the entire cryptocurrency market has fallen 5 times in price! Over the past 6 months, ETH has fallen 5 times! All the cryptocurrencies are depreciating! This is not our fault. And the fall of the whole market has nothing to do with our Sharpay project. These are the realities of the whole market!

Things depend not only on us. We are pressed by the whole market. If the whole market falls, any of our costs will be ineffective. We need to work hard and wait for good conditions in the market.

We would like to remind you that according to the public poll of our international community, the results of which were published in the news (, about 74% of our community supported the idea to postpone the listing for an indefinite period, because now the market is at the bottom, demand for altcoins is minimal (!) and this can negatively affect the price of our S (Sharpay) token.

We are pleased that the volume of our trading is small. We are glad that the price of our token is not much lower than the nominal price. We agree with 74% of our community that now is not the right time to actively trade our tokens and you need to wait for a few months.

We have never said that buying our tokens could make quick profits. What did we say at Token Sale? We always said “We have a roadmap for several years ahead (!) and we are a unique company, because our product have no analogs in the world!” Therefore, our tokens would be valuable in long term.

According to the rules of our Token Sale, buying our tokens was never an investment! We never promised any investment returns! The purchase of our tokens has always been and will be a chance to lose everything or to benefit. It’s a chance, but not a guarantee! These are the usual standards for high-risk cryptocurrency projects! And we believe that with our hard work we will make your risk minimal and justify your trust!

Our development plan was written on our Sharpay White Paper. All buyers should know this. All buyers need to read, wait and believe.

Our answer for each buyer remains the same. To get a good reward from buying our tokens, it takes many months and years of waiting. This is a purchase as a long-term contribution to the future! It is necessary to wait. And we believe that this expectation will pay back!

We follow our roadmap and we report on new developments every week. Each company has its own way of development. Now our information strategy is as it is. Over time, we will announce updates and news about our development and partnerships.

We openly communicate with any members of our community in one to one Telegram chat (this is much more effective than a public chat with an uncontrolled flood) and in all of our public social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Steemit, Medium, BitcoinTalk. This is a huge open space. This is more than enough for effective communication of all members of our multinational community.

We will continue the weekly publication of news of our new developments, promotions, and partnerships. Thank you for your support!

In Sharing We Trust! Team

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