Let us to introduce 4 groups of our users!

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Soon, very soon a new generation of web users will appear on the scene, and they will not be just the Internet surfers, but they will be Sharpayers. Let’s make a fantasy and imagine them together ?!

We think that those new superheroes and multi-sharing activists can be divided into four groups.

Let’s introduce them:

Group 1
“Bond / Leon / or Robin Hood”- attentive and accurate — a person who shares the content considering his subscribers’ opinion. He shares carefully. Such users bring the most targeted traffic, the highest conversion to websites’ owners.

Group 2
“Hulk or irresistible clickers” is a group of users who just share everything they see. These guys do their best not for quality, but for quantity. Apparently, they haven’t understood our philosophy — to share from all the heart! And it is not sold, you cannot buy! No matter how attractive our tokens are!

Group 3
“Iodo (Star Wars) / Sherlock” — those who do not change their ideas and follow their habits — they share without taking the earnings into consideration. They are real Masters!

Group 4
“Deceptive Loki” — those who share a little, but nothing is matching. A lot of sharing, but it’s deceptive — the effectiveness is little due to the fact that either friends are passive, or there are not enough friends. But, no doubt, these Sharpayers will join the bright side of the life as well as of social networks life!

Is it funny? But also it is serious at the same time!

We’ll see it together soon!

In Sharing We Trust!

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