Merry Christmas! Good news for SIMEX traders! And a lottery reminder!

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Dear Sharpay Token Holders!

Merry Christmas and we have good news to all traders! SIMEX has added Chinese and Korean languages on its platform and we kindly remind you about Sharpay lottery for OEX traders.

As you know we have listed on SIMEX exchange long time ago. It is a good exchange from the TOP 30 (now) CoinMarketCap list, and it is very easy to buy even for small packs of S tokens for all traders. It has recently added Korean and Chinese, these two major languages on its platform. This is very good news to all of our international traders! SIMEX news:

Don’t forget we have listed on these exchanges where you can buy more S tokens:

🔸 OEX:

We would like to remind you that we have started our Christmas & New Year 2019 Lottery on 24 Dec 2018! You can join our lottery here to win part of more than 1 MILLION S tokens prize pool!

Despite the fall of the entire cryptocurrency market, we want to emphasize that Sharpay is a rare blockchain project that has a real working product — share buttons with blockchain rewards. Our buttons are used by tens of thousands of people around the world!

At the very beginning of the New Year 2019, we will announce new unique features of our project that have no analogues, which in our plan should increase strategic interest of all S token holders!

In Sharing We Trust! Team

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