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Hello, Everyone!

On May 16–17, the Monaco International Blockchain conference (MIB 2018) was held in Monaco. During two days, the international ICO and blockchain experts shared their thoughts and ideas, discussed the current situation and the future of blockchain technologies. Many well-known crypto professionals participated in the conference, among the speakers were: Martin Herman (Bethereum, Co-Founder), Christophe Ozcan (Crypto4All, CEO), Naeem Aslam (Thinkmarkets, Chief Data Market Expert) and others.

MIB is a part of Sharpay Roadshow, so Igor Karavaev, CBDO of, also attended the event. Igor presented our Project to the audience, answered the questions and called people who were interested to hurry up to participate in, since there are only 2 weeks remain before the end of the main stage of Token Sale.

We will keep you informed of coming events, conferences and presentations will participate in.

In Sharing We Trust!

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