Negotiations began about listing with stock exchanges!

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Dear friends!

According to our White Paper, the actual emission of ERC20 standard SHRP tokens will be executed at the end of the total Token Sale, after the 31st of May, 2018.

Right now we have already started negotiating regarding our listing with the biggest worldwide Exchanges. Our target is to be listed at TOP 5. Our planned listing is scheduled at July 2018. No doubt you are eager to know the names, but we have no right to announce them yet. Don’t worry, you will be the first to learn it! It’s a promise. And this news is coming soon!

You should also be aware that we are working on developing of our own blockchain, maximally fast. We don’t exclude the fact that immediately when the Token Sale is over, we will issue SHRP tokens on our own blockchain already, not ERC20 tokens.

Stay with us! Follow our news to learn the first!

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