New features of Sharpay Button | 07.08.2018

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Dear Friends!

Sharpay is a unique project that allows users to share website’s content on different social networks simultaneously by simply one-click; and attracts and incentivizes users to promote website’s content. Recently, we have added some new features to our Sharpay button that we would like to share:

1) “Notifications”: Users can get all the notifications about sharing errors, conversion bonus and profile errors. They can go to the “Settings” to turn off or choose which notifications they want to receive

2) “Daily limit”: Now, webmasters are able to set the number of tokens they are going to spend per day to reward users for sharing and conversions.

3) “WordPress / HTML installation”: Also, webmasters can install Sharpay button by either adding HTML code into their websites or getting the plugin directly from WordPress. They can follow the steps and install our Sharpay button easily in just a few minutes.

A lot of users asked us when they could transfer their tokens from their accounts on to their personal Ethereum wallets, we are working on the token transfer function, and soon they will be able to do that!

In Sharing We Trust! Team

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