New features of Sharpay Button | 16.08.2018

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Dear friends!

Sharpay is a new unique social media marketing tool that helps all active social users monetize their popularity by earning Sharpay S tokens from sharing and promoting website’s content. We have added some new features and improvements for our Sharpay button:

1) “Tokens under review”: Now, the tokens you earned from sharing and click-through will be reviewed by our system first before adding to your token balance. You can check the pending tokens under the “Personal account information” on

2) “FAQ”: If you are new to Sharpay and want to know more about how it works for both webmasters and users, you can go here

Before, we have mentioned that we had been working on the token withdrawal function on, soon you will be able to withdraw your tokens earned from sharing to your personal Ethereum address. Stay tuned for more updates!

In Sharing We Trust! Team

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