New features of Sharpay Button | 22.09.2018

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Dear Webmasters!

We have attracted lots of websites to install our Sharpay button. We recently improved the interface on “Webmaster Area” and added some functions for you to customize your own Sharpay buttons.

When you set up our Sharpay button on your website, you can choose different button types, “Static”, “Floating” and “Custom”. Let’s talk about their settings:

1) “Language”: You can customize and choose “English”, “Chinese”, “Korean” or “Russian” for your button.

2) “Share counter”: If you want to show the how many times your website was shared using Sharpay button, you can select and enable “Share counter”. There are two opinions “Separate for every page” (show the number of shares individually) or “Common for all site” (show the total number of shares).

If you want to have a simple fixed button on your website, you can choose “Static”. You can change its size (“32px”, “24px” or “16px”) to fit your web design, you can also adjust the size by changing value in “data-height”.

Some of you may want to have a beautiful animated button, you can choose “Floating”, position the button and choose background color to displace it on your website. You can also select “Mini widget” to minimize and simplify the design.

However, if you want to customize your Sharpay button, you can go “Custom”. Keep the necessary codes and JavaScript, you may design your own Sharpay button for your website!

Copy and paste the codes onto your website, try it and find the best design!

In Sharing We Trust! Team

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