New Features of Sharpay Button

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There is no doubt that Sharpay can revolutionize the existing social media marketing and popularize the use of cryptocurrency by the idea of sharing. We would like to highlight and share some new features and improvements we recently made on our Sharpay button:

1) “Sharing history”: Users now are able to view and keep track of what they have shared that month

2) “Wallet”: This allows users to view the Sharpay tokens they have earned and spent, and they can transfer their Sharpay tokens into their wallet in the future.

3) “Report”: Webmasters are able to generate individual reports of their websites. They can go to and “Edit” to update their Sharpay button settings or “Report” to generate and export a statistical report on their Sharpay tokens spent on sharing and click-through.

We also updated the overall application user interface and experience. We will add more features on the application and improve your sharing experience. Let’s make Sharpay the best share button in the world! Stay tuned for more updates!

In Sharing We Trust!

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