New sites with Sharpay buttons | 16.10.2018

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Dear Friends!

We have been developing our Sharpay button on different website platforms! Now you can go to app store on WordPress or Cloudflare, download our Sharpay plugin and install it on your websites. You can also get your Sharpay button codes on!

If you have not installed it on your websites, don’t waste your time and get it today! There are many new websites that have been using our Sharpay button to increase traffic to their sites, for example:

1) Figurineliebig: If you are a collector, you may be interested in this site. You can find and buy a lot of special items, from special coins, stamps to souvenirs: (Italian)

2) Gun Control Forums: What do you think about the gun control laws? You can ask questions, find information, discuss and debate about Hunting and Gun Control here: (English)

3) Dovod: Express your views and see what Here you can find some news, reports, regional studies and discussion about political events. (Russian)

Share them with your friends and earn free Sharpay S tokens today!

In Sharing We Trust! Team

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