New sites with Sharpay buttons | 17.09.2018

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Dear friends!

Sharpay is a new unique social media marketing tool that helps all active social users monetize their popularity by earning Sharpay S tokens from sharing and promoting website’s content. More and more projects are starting to use our Sharpay button to increase traffic to their websites.

Let us share with you some interesting websites that have been using our Sharpay button:

1) Marko Zubak: Marko Zubak is an artist from Croatia, you can find his paintings, sculpture, paper toys and more on his website (English)

2) 投資家本田さんの仮通貨、株、FXブログ: You can get up-to-date cryptocurrency information, Bitcoin technical analysis from a British investor Honda, you can follow her blog on (Japanese)

3) Saranda Guide: If you are visiting Saranda, a coastal town in Albania, and want to know where to eat, where to stay and what to do, you can go to (English)

Earn your Sharpay S tokens! Use our Sharpay button and share them with your friends today!

In Sharing We Trust! Team

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