New sites with Sharpay buttons | 2019.03.05

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Dear All!

Have you ever thought that you could earn free cryptocurrencies by sharing website content to your social media? Of course, you can! Only our Sharpay share buttons have this unique feature! Many new websites installed our Sharpay share buttons and they are using them to attract and increase site traffic.

They are from all over the world, for example:

1) Aptenodytes community. It is a German-speaking community for those who are interested in web development and Linux. (German)

2) BitcoinTahiti. A crypto information website where you can get some crypto project and investment reviews. (French)

3) Rick and Morty. A fan-made website for cartoon Rick and Morty in Russian language, relax and watch it for fun. (Russian)

If your favorite websites still have not installed our Sharpay buttons, ask them to install now! Get free tokens by sharing them!

In Sharing We Trust! Team

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