New sites with Sharpay buttons | 2019.03.12

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Dear Friends!

Sharpay offers a simple revolutionary solution to existing social media marketing. A lot of new website are using Sharpay buttons to attract more traffic and reward their visitors for sharing and promoting their website content.

We are going to share you some new interesting websites:

1) Cryptronics. An online marketplace where you can find everything about smartphones, tablets and accessories, and the coolest thing is you can pay in cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. (German)

2) SteemSQL. SteemSQL is a publicly available Microsoft SQL database containing all the Steem blockchain data. (English)

3) Czvetbivsegda. A blog about flowers. Flowers are free beauties of nature, visit their website and find out more. (Russian)

Drive traffic to your websites, install Sharpay buttons here:!

In Sharing We Trust! Team

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