New sites with Sharpay buttons | 2019.04.19

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Dear Sharpay Community!

Social media marketing helps online businesses get more traffic and conversions, and eventually increase KPIs and sales. Sharpay share buttons are innovative and have no analogues. Many new websites are using Sharpay share buttons to attract visitors.

Most of them are from different fields and countries:

1) Crypto Professionnel. A blog that has a lot of useful information about the crypto world, for example, guides to improve your knowledge of cryptocurrencies, upcoming Airdrops and reviews on different ICOs. (French)

2) 자향미한의원 이미지클리닉. A Korean skin care clinic that provides treatments and surgeries to help patients to get rid of their scars. (Korean)

3) Blogarchukr. A personal blog about author’s opinions and thoughts on everything. (Russian)

Join us and be part of our Sharpay share buttons, be part of the innovation! Install here now!

In Sharing We Trust! Team

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