New sites with Sharpay buttons | 2019.04.26

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Hello Everyone!

Sharing with blockchain rewards is the main feature of our Sharpay share buttons. It enables users the easiest way to earn free cryptocurrencies. At the same time, it offers webmasters the best social media marketing tool.

A lot of new websites use our Sharpay share buttons to strengthen their marketing:

1) TechYoga. This blog covers the entire breadth of technology, entertainment, sports and more, it ensures that you stay ahead in today’s world. (English)

2) Bit Money. An independent cryptocurrency advisors community. You can find the latest ICO reviews, crypto news, mining guides. (Italian)

3) A new social network that built on the Golos Blockchain. It is building an environment like VKontakte, but secure and private. (Russian)

In Sharing We Trust! Team

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