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Sharpay is a high-tech, no analogues, but a simple sharing solution at the same time. Companies that use our Sharpay button can reduce their SMM expenses and increase traffic to their websites.

Let us share with you some of the websites that have been using our Sharpay button:

  1. Crypto Professionnel: A blog that has a lot of useful information about the crypto world, for example, guides to improve your knowledge of cryptocurrencies, upcoming Airdrops and reviews on different ICOs. (French)
  2. Russkoe Video: A video sharing website that allows users share and discuss videos about news, movie trailers, life and different interesting topics. (Russian)
  3. Artificial Intelligence Video: It has almost everything about AI. Users can learn it from lectures, machine learning resources, researches and news on the website. (English)

If you own a website and want to get more traffic, don’t get left behind, try and install our Sharpay button today!

In Sharing We Trust!

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