New sites with Sharpay buttons | 8.12.2018

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Dear Friends!

Sharpay helps businesses target their audiences and reward users who promote them on their social media. It makes the social media marketing easier and more effective than it was before. A lot of websites are using Sharpay buttons and they are getting more traffic.

This week we have selected some new websites that are using our Sharpay buttons!

1. Bag Tropolis. The Netflix of designer bags where you can buy, layaway and rent luxury pre-owned authentic designer handbags, bags, purses, pocketbooks at affordable prices. (English)

2. Big Capital. A comprehensive crypto information website that includes project reviews, lifehacks, crypto guides and investment tools. (Russian)

3. Bit Money. An independent cryptocurrency advisors community. You can find the latest ICO reviews, crypto news, mining guides. (Italian)

You can install our Sharpay buttons through, WordPress and Cloudflare! Try and install our Sharpay buttons and reward your visitors today!

In Sharing We Trust! Team

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