Our first listing: SIMEX Exchange!

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Official announcement of the beginning of trading S (Sharpay) tokens on the open international cryptocurrency market.

Dear friends! Dear community! Buyers and token holders!

Today is the day when we are ready to make an official announcement about the first listing of our S tokens on the crypto exchange market!

We promised you that this week we will make an official announcement about the start of trading. We keep our promise.

The first exchange where you can officially buy and sell our S tokens is SIMEX: https://simex.global/en/exchange/s/eth.

SIMEX is a multifunctional online international digital asset management, investment, and trading platform. Transfers between accounts and to accounts of third parties, deposit / withdraw from linked debit cards.

According to the official rating of CoinMarketCap, the exchange takes the 14th place in the TOP 15 of the world’s cryptocurrency exchange trading systems: https://coinmarketcap.com/rankings/exchanges/

Currently, our S token is opened for trading in these pairs: S / ETH, S / BTC, S / USD.

The platform interface is available in English and not only. We know that our multinational community, including large Korean and Chinese communities, are waiting for the opportunity to trade in their own languages. Unfortunately, the platform has not yet been translated into some major Asian languages. But we promise that soon we will make new listings on other exchanges and our multinational community will be able to trade in their own languages!

To start trading on the SIMEX platform, you need to register and verify your account.

According to Sharpay White Paper, the initial price of placing the tokens corresponds to the nominal price of our token and is equal to 0.00003 ETH. Bidding has already begun a few days ago. At the moment, the market price of our token in the S / ETH pair is 0.00003996 ETH, which is about 30% higher than the nominal price!

As we announced a few days ago, according to the collective opinion of our experts, the entire market of cryptocurrency is now at the bottom and is preparing to make a new ascent up. We encourage all users not to rush to sell S tokens. This is a good start! This is our first step towards the common success! Congratulations! Buy Now!

In Sharing We Trust!
Sharpay.io Team

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