Sharpay bounty campaign spreadsheet

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Dear Sharpay Bounty Hunters!

As we have promised our hunters before, we are finishing the final spreadsheet and all hunters will get their bounty token rewards in their personal accounts on this month.

For the bounty record we have, there are more than 500 hunters joined Social Media and Member campaigns, and more than 30 hunters joined Avatar and Signature campaign. We have already started counting their stakes, and soon we will finish the final spreadsheet and calculate their bounty token rewards. We will publish the final spreadsheet within this week.

We have started contacting our hunters already and we will send them reminder emails later this week.

If you have joined the Content and Creative or Translation Campaign but you have not yet reported your work to us, please contact our admin on Telegram @sharpay_admin (

For all hunters: Please register an account on using the same email address you used for the bounty. We will reward all hunters at the end of this month.

Thank you all for your patience and support on our Bounty Campaign. We would also like to thank our Sharpay Help Team (Toga, nhEychAn, Natasha and Skander) for their tremendous efforts in helping us to make the final spreadsheet!

In Sharing We Trust! Team

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