Sharpay button partnership with WeiDex

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Dear community!

Our button is gaining popularity! More and more international projects are starting to use Sharpay multisharing buttons! We are particularly pleased when these projects are professionally engaged in cryptocurrencies.

We are happy to announce our new partnership with weiDex ( weiDex joined our Sharpay button partnership and is now using our Sharpay multisharing button to increase traffic to its site.

weiDex is a full featured NEW decentralized exchange. It guarantees the maximum standard of security, transparency and open source logic. It currently supports all Ethereum based tokens and soon it will support Neo based tokens by the end of this year.

We do not yet announce listing our S token on weiDex (we may do this later), but first of all we are announcing a new promising partnership!

We wish the project all the best with their development!

In Sharing We Trust! Team

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