Sharpay development update | 18.1.2019

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Dear Friends!

Sharpay development update: added networks selection, async script option, refined password recovery, fixed locale switch bug and made other UI improvements.

Continuous development is one of the main tasks our Sharpay team should do, and week by week we develop new significant functions and make improvements for our users!

Let us share with you some new important updates.

Added networks selection. We have added a new “Networks” selection function for webmasters. Now the webmasters can select and reward their preferred social networks which users can share content on. They can target their customers geographically by selecting different social networks, for example, they can select Weibo, Kakao Story and LINE only, if they want to target the Asian market.

Added async script option. When webmasters design their own buttons, they may turn off the async script loading if they want to use Sharpay client side API.

Refined password recovery. When users want to recover their passwords, instead of resetting their passwords by our system, users can enter new passwords by themselves. It becomes more convenient for users and they do not need to go back and forth.

Fixed locale switch bug. We have fixed the bug that happened when the browser’s non-English locale is in incognito bug mode.

Improved animated button. We have resized the iframe to avoid overlapping other elements on widget when hovering.

Improved email template UI and added Chinese translation. We have improved the email template UI and added Chinese translation especially for our Chinese community.

We have been developing and improving our Sharpay buttons, try our Sharpay button and experience the new updates!

In Sharing We Trust! Team

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