Sharpay development update | 2019.02.07

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Dear Community!

Sharpay development update: added Renren to direct sharing options, reward notification on Telegram, expanded user profile, updated WordPress and Cloudflare plugins, improved share counter display, floating share button, etc.

Sharing with blockchain rewards is our main unique feature, and we aim to popularize the cryptocurrencies. We keep moving forward and pushing our Sharpay to be the best sharing button in the market.

Check out some of our Sharpay development we have made:

1) Added Renren to direct sharing. We successfully developed and added Renren, a big and growing Chinese social network, to our Sharpay direct sharing options. Now users are able to share news to Renren using direct share buttons.

2) Set up reward notification on Telegram. If users are connected their accounts to Telegram, they will be able to get sharing and conversion reward notifications from Telegram bot.

3) Expanded user profile for target audience. Users are able to enter “Age range”, “Gender”, “Country” in their profile, these will enhance the target audience segmentation for future reward development. You can use this option without adding real name and any personal data. We do not request, store or process your personal data (real names, passports / id cards / identity documents screenshots, etc.). You can use this feature at will, which in some cases will allow to pay you higher rewards for sharing links and promoting content.

4) Updated WordPress and Cloudflare plugins. We have updated the WordPress and Cloudflare plugins to match with our recent development updates.

5) Improved the display of share counter. The share counter is set on the opposite side of the widget. If user is using a right floating widget, the share counter will be on the left side.

6) Improved floating share button. We removed the “mini widget” and “animate” options and simplified the floating share button, now the floating share button is already minimized with animation.

7) Changed the “simple sharing” to “direct sharing”. We changed the “simple sharing” description to “direct sharing” on share window and our system docs, we believe it is easier for users to understand and for our development.

Now we are carrying out a lot of work on the full-scale redesign of our entire system. As you have seen, the design of our site and our system is quite simple and we have not changed for more than a year. We decided to make everything very beautiful, stylish, more user-friendly and in a modern trend interface design.

This is a huge job and it takes time, so make sure you have followed us on our social networks and wait for our good news! Everything will be very elegant, understandable and functional!

In Sharing We Trust! Team

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