Sharpay development update | 2019.02.15

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Dear Sharpay Community Members!

Sharpay development update: Created a script to merge accounts with the same email & social networks, fixed database social network bindings, improved Telegram account binding, seeded up sharing window, added tools for system admin and improved alert UI.

Despite spending most of the time working on one of the main feature that we are going to release, we improved our Sharpay buttons and added some tools. Here are some of the development tasks we have done:

1) Created a script for merging accounts with the same email & social networks. We found that some users owned multiple accounts with the same social networks or emails that they accidentally created during registration using social networks. It was inconvenient and impossible to manage accounts for users. In order to detect and control duplicated accounts, we created a script for our system admin to automatically or manually merge accounts. This could also check each user account and accessibility and manage user accounts (to merge or duplicate account if necessary).

During this task, we discovered 59 inaccessible accounts that had neither password & email logins nor social network account bindings. These empty user accounts have been deleted by our system. There were 60 duplicated accounts, and our system have merged them accordingly. We have also sent emails to all the merged account users and notified them about the account changes.

With this new script and improvement, our system admin can check and monitor user accounts more easily and efficiently. It will also automatically send email notifications to users for any account changes.

2) Fixed database social network bindings. If the social network user is going to link to his Sharpay account has already used by another user, it will not work and will show user an error message. It can prevent user from creating multiple accounts using the same social networks.

We spent quite a lot of time to fix this social network bindings and it took us more time than what we expected. It was because we needed to test all 15 different social networks, and for each one we tested and corrected errors. Also, for linking social networks, it is tightly integrated with third-party authentication services that work only with our domain.

3) Created merging account tool for system admin. We created a tool for our system admin to detect and merge accounts with identical social network bindings. Before we needed to manual check and merge identical accounts which took us a lot of time.

4) Improved Telegram account binding. We improved the user identity field in our database and made sure it would be filled with a unique identifier when creating the Telegram account binding.

5) Speeded up the loading of the sharing window. We made asynchronous pull-up of metadata from the site to the sharing window in order to speed up the loading and improve performance.

6) Created passage mark for KYC in admin system. Now our admin will show a passage mark of KYC for those users who have passed the KYC for withdrawing their tokens bought in Token Sale.

7) Added a close button to alert messages. We have improved the UI with Bootstrap, users are now able to dismiss the alert messages manually by themselves.

Time is ticking and we are getting ready for the next new upgrade. Stay with us and wait for our news!

In Sharing We Trust! Team

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