Sharpay development update | 2019.02.22

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Dear Friends!

Sharpay development update: added Facebook Messenger to direct sharing, strengthened comment section’s validation in sharing window, improved share bonus calculation, fixed network region table, fixed floating widget display bug and etc.

We have been intensively developing our new features and improving our Sharpay share buttons. We have finished a lot of tasks, such as:

1) Added Facebook Messenger to direct sharing. Users are now able to share website content to Facebook Messenger. Sharing on Facebook Messenger is working on both desktop and mobile (iOS and Android) apps. The Facebook Messenger API works differently in desktop and mobile devices, so we need to work separately for that.

We need to detect user’s device first and then call different APIs accordingly. We expanded the networks table in our database, added different call function for the API and changed the redirection links.

Currently, it is available only on direct sharing, but once the API supports also our multisharing function, we will definitely develop and add it to our multisharing buttons.

2) Strengthened comment section’s validation in sharing window. In the comment section of sharing window, we improved the comment validation and security. When we were working on the validation, we also found out that if user wanted to share content with comment on LINE or Reddit, the comment could not be empty. We needed to consider different situation and sharing limitation on different social networks, and added different validation rules accordingly.

We have added length and content validation in the comment section in both front end and back end sides of our application. Now, users cannot write any URLs in the comment section, also in certain social networks, the users cannot share website content without leaving any comments. Otherwise, an error message will display to remind user.

3) Improved share bonus calculation. Every time users share website content on their social networks, our system will check and calculate the share bonus to prevent cheating on sharing. We have improved the script by taking out the “hour counter” component and adding the user’s active multishare list checking.

4) Fixed network region table. When we were working on the Facebook Messenger sharing function, we found that the network region table in our database had several errors and omissions. We therefore wrote a script to fix it.

5) Fixed floating widget display bug. When the mouse move around the floating widget, it did not display the background specified in the SVG image before. We have fixed the bug and updated the background colour. Now, the floating widget is working normally.

6) Fixed notification email for merging account. We found out that when we merged two identical accounts, the system would send notification email per account. We have therefore fixed it and now our system will check the duplicate email addresses and send only one notification email per email.

7) Fixed the sharing counter error caused by the change of encoding. We have corrected the error in the operation of the sharing counter due to the change of encoding.

8) Enabled user’s notification language. We added language option in the notification script. If user choose his language option, all notification messages will change in his language automatically.

We will continuously announce our development news to our social networks! If you have any problems using our Sharpay buttons, please do not hesitate to contact our admin (

In Sharing We Trust! Team

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