Sharpay development update | 2019.03.01

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Dear Community!

Sharpay development update: fixed merging account crash, added Skype to direct sharing, SubReddit selection for binding Reddit account, fixed WeChat sharing error, extended sharing alert message etc.

Sharpay buttons sharing experience is strongly related to our development and of course it allows us to define our user journeys. We continuously improve our Sharpay buttons and regularly write news about it.

Let us tell you some of our completed development tasks:

1) Fixed merging account crash. We discovered an incomprehensible error in the logs that occurred during merge of accounts, the system was trying to connect accounts with itself. After we have analysed the code, the error was caused by a rare login situation. If a user who has a login session in the system and attempts to log in again, it will have such error. For example, a user opens the login page in two browser tabs and successively tries to log in to both. We decided to redirect the user to the main page when he performs the second login attempt.

We found a good fixation option to fix the bug. We had to substantially dig up and clean up the code in the controller methods which are responsible for the interaction (login, creating of a binding, merge) through social networks. As a result, this module has decreased by about 10% of total lines. We also added a couple of super-classes for social network classes in order to avoid duplication of the added code, and mainly, as a basis for future refactoring.

2) Added Skype to direct sharing. We have added Skype to direct sharing and now users are able to share website content to Skype. So far, users are able to share more than 20 different social networks using direct sharing, including Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, Telegram, Whatsapp, VK, Kakao Talk etc.

3) Added SubReddit selection for binding Reddit account. When users bind their Reddit account to, they are able to choose their SubReddit to share posts to. For existing users that have already binded their Reddit accounts and would like to change their sharing on Reddit, they could unpair it and bind their Reddit account again.

4) Fixed WeChat sharing error. Before when users shared to WeChat, the QR code was not generated properly and it did not work, we therefore have fixed the sharing error.

5) Extended sharing alert message description. When users get no bonus from sharing, it will give users a clearer message that the user’s social capital is too low and he can only receive tokens for each organic visit to the link he shared on his social networks.

6) Improved site domain unregistered error message. If the website was not registered in the domain list, users would not be able to share it to their social networks, and the system would throw a fatal error message. We took out the fatal error message, improved the error message UI and added the site domain unregistered error message. It is clearer for both users and webmasters.

7) Added a date filter in report. We have improved the UI and added a date filter button in the project’s report in Webmaster Area.

8) Improved direct sharing UX. If users want to share website content using direct share buttons to social networking applications (Viber, Facebook Messenger) that he has not installed, it will show users instructions to such application download pages.

In Sharing We Trust! Team

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