Sharpay development update | 2019.03.07

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Dear Sharpay Members!

Sharpay development update: improved Simple Queue Service for handing different system tasks, and added sending email function, added email addresses from different social networks for system optimization, Reddit posting restriction, improved webmaster report data obtained from Google Analytics, etc.

Every week, we announce our development news to our community. We believe improving user experience by our sustained development attracts not only new button users, but also more new websites to install our Sharpay buttons.

We have completed some tasks for our back-end, for example:

1) Improved Simple Queue Service for handling different system tasks. Simple Queue Service (SQS) is a fully managed message queuing service that enables our system to handle different tasks. Before we used SQS only to manage our sharing tasks, but we have decided to use it to handle more different tasks for our future development. So, we had to improve our script for SQS and make it compatible in handling different function calls.

2) Implemented Simple Queue Service for sending emails. After we have improved our SQS script for handling different tasks, we added sending email function. We removed the old mailResend function and added SendMailTask in SQS script for handling system email queuing and sending.

3) Added email addresses from different social networks for system optimization. We have improved the social network login script, and it will get and save user’s email address from different social networks. One user account may have multiple linked social networks, and by saving and detecting their email addresses, we can avoid creating duplicate user accounts by linking them together and optimize user social network table and system functions, for example, mailing and login.

4) Added comment length restriction for sharing posts to Reddit. When users share posts to Reddit, the comment will be trimmed to 300 characters as restricted by Reddit. Before, if users shared posts to different social media including Reddit, and the comment length was longer than 300 characters, it would show a posting error.

5) Fixed getting traffic statistics from Google Analytics. We fixed the data reporting from Google Analytics, and now the webmaster report will display all views from users who clicked the website links.

6) Added caching of data obtained from Google Analytics. We added caching of data obtained from Google Analytics, and now we can add new cashes quickly without affecting the whole system, and the webmaster report load time is reduced by one third.

7) Created separate CSS file for social network icons. We have made a separate a separate CSS file for social network icons with background colors, made a separate button formatting class (size, rounding, etc).

8) Checked plugin compatibility with WordPress 5.1. We have checked our Sharpay plugin version on WordPress. Our plugin version is compatible with the latest WordPress 5.1.

In Sharing We Trust! Team

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