Sharpay development update | 2019.03.19

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Dear Community!

Sharpay development update: set up confirmation method for conversion events, added create new project function to Sharpay plugin on Cloudflare, expanded logging when resending system emails, increased project deletion form’s security, etc.

We keep developing our Sharpay buttons in order to improve our system and your sharing experience. Here are some development tasks we have completed recently:

1) Set up confirmation method for conversion events. We considered Google Analytics Measurement Protocol as an example, and set up confirmation method for conversion events. When webmasters set up a conversion event, check and enable “Requires confirmation”, the conversion event will be confirmed on our server side. Our server will verify the conversion events and reward users conversion bonuses accordingly. A successful and valid conversion event flow is as follows:

A. A user shares website content on his social networks using Sharpay buttons.
B. A visitor clicks on the link shared by that user.
C. The visitor executes a conversion event (creating an order for example), and it will send us a request to verify.
D. When the event is made and confirmed by the website (the order is made and paid), it will send us a confirmation request.
E. We will reward a conversion bonus to that user, if the event done by the visitor is verified.

For the conversion events and settings, you may read here:

2) Added create new project function to Sharpay plugin on Cloudflare. Before this update, webmasters needed to go to add their websites in order to use and link the Sharpay plugin on Cloudflare. Now webmasters are able to add different website projects to their Cloudflare Sharpay plugin without leaving Cloudflare, and select which project to link and run the Sharpay buttons.

3) Expanded logging when resending emails. We pulled the email sending error messages from the mail function and added some details in the logs in order to understand clearly the resending email reasons and errors. We also added email hashing function.

4) Increased the project deletion form’s security. We added a security code in the project deletion form to protect against cross site request forgery, and increased the form’s security.

5) Checked Mailru token update method. We checked the Mailru authorization token update method in the login script for Mailru. The script is responsible for checking login token validity, and we also improved the code for better performance.

6) Improved backend system tasks. We improved the performance of some backend system tasks.

And soon we will make an official release of our new site, in accordance with the 2019’ UI / UX trends.

In Sharing We Trust! Team

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