Sharpay development update | 2019.04.09

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Dear Community!

Sharpay development update: added history for recording project changes, enabled our admin to view all project access rights, fixed regional domain verification for adding website projects, changed the home page for account users, etc.

Continuous development is significant to every project. We believe that it is one of the elements of success. Recently, we have improved and added some new features for our users.

1) Added history for recording project changes. If webmasters or their co-administers have made changes in their website projects, all the actions and changes will be recorded and displayed in the “History”. They can view the log for each project in “Webmaster Area”. The event log is very useful and important for them, they can track all the edits in the projects and recover changes if they want.

2) Enabled admin to view all project access rights. In order to monitor unknown errors in granting project management rights and accessing projects, we have created a list of granted projects in our system admin panel. This enable us to detect and fix the unknown project management errors quickly and easily.

3) Fixed regional domain verification for adding website projects. We discovered and fixed an error when adding regional domains. Regional domain names are in regional languages, so when users enter regional domain names, they will be converted into Punycode (a way to represent International Domain Names). We added Punycode method in our domain name verification, users are now able to add different regional domains to their website projects.

4) Changed the home page for account users. We changed the home page for Sharpay account users. After users log in their account on, they will see a new statistical chart showing their earned tokens with a detailed summary. Users are now able to see the summary of their earned tokens from sharing, conversions, and total number of tokens for deposit and withdrawal. For new account users, instead of showing users an empty chart with no values, it will give users instructions on how to install and use our Sharpay buttons.

5) Added new tables in our database for merging accounts. We added new tables in merging account method to record all account changes. We record both primary user account ID and secondary user account ID in the new tables when merging.

6) Added email notifications to users for granted project management rights. When webmasters grant project management rights and access to other users, an email notification will be sent to that user upon successful authorization.

7) Corrected bonus message in sharing window. We corrected the bonus message in sharing window when users have no connected social networks.

8) Added report caching on home page for account users. In order to speed up the loading of summary chart on home page for account users, we added caching function. It gives users a smoother experience.

In Sharing We Trust! Team

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