Sharpay development update | 2019.04.16

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Hello Sharpay Supporters!

Sharpay development update: corrected signup page redirection, added a list of authorized applications on user profile page, improved the security of comment section in the sharing window, improved sharing bonus checking, etc.

Today, we are going to tell you some of our finished development tasks. We increased the security of our Sharpay application, fixed some errors and added some verification functions.

1) Corrected signup page redirection after creating an account using a social network. We discovered that the URL parameters were ignored after creating an account using a social network via OAuth (for example, Cloudflare), the signup page would redirect users to the main page but not to the previous page. We corrected the redirection and users can continue on the previous page.

2) Added a list of authorized applications on user profile page. If users have connected and installed Sharpay’s Cloudflare app on their websites or other applications using OAuth 2.0 (an authorization framework), all the authorized apps will be listed on their “Account Security” page. They can manage and revoke the authorization for each application or all at once.

3) Added a check for links when posting comments in the sharing window. We added a check for the presence of links that are without specifying scheme (without http / https) in the comments. This additional link check increases the security of the sharing window.

4) Improved the sharing bonus checking. For checking users with frequent sharing bonuses, we improved the checking method. We replaced the constant indicator with the number of connected social networks of that user in the consideration. We will freeze their sharing bonus and check the quality of their social network accounts, and only unfreeze their sharing bonus after the user passes the checking.

5) Set up email confirmation for deleting active web projects. If webmasters want to delete their active web projects which already have sharing or conversion activities, our system will send them a confirmation email to approve or decline the deletion. It can avoid deleting active working projects accidentally.

6) Set up email address verification for account registration. All users will need to verify their email addresses after signing up with their email addresses. Our system will send a verification email for the account registration.

7) Improved the storage structure of configuration files. We improved the storage structure of the configuration files for the convenience of our developers.

In Sharing We Trust! Team

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