Sharpay development update | 2019.04.30

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Dear Community!

Sharpay development update: added audience targeting bonus setting for webmasters, added new features for direct share widget, color option for static share button widget, user profile progress bar, corrected meta tags of page preview for shorten links using Sharpay, etc.

Recently, we developed and added lots of new features and functions to Sharpay share buttons for our webmasters. These new features and functions allow webmasters to attract more users and enhance their marketing strategies, and they are also connected to our future development.

1) Added audience targeting bonus setting for webmasters. We added “Audience” tab in the “Editing project” section for webmasters. Webmasters are now able to reward more bonuses to target users based on genders, age groups and countries. To setup the “Audience”, webmasters need to follow the below steps:

a) go to the “Webmaster Area”;
b) choose website project;
c) click “Audience” tab in the “Editing project” section;
d) click “Configure bonus increase”;
e) check “Turn on bonus increase for selected audience group” box;
f) choose different target groups for “Genders”, “Age groups” and “Countries”;
g) click “Save” to finish.

This “Audience” setting provides webmasters the ability to target users in different segments for marketing. They can choose to reward more bonuses to users who meet their selected criteria, and focus on promoting their websites to specific groups of users.

2) Added share counter and a multisharing share button for direct share button widget. In the direct share button type, we added share counter option and add an individual multisharing button on the list of share buttons for webmasters. Webmasters can now turn on the share counter to see the number of total shares of their website, and add a multisharing button along with other social media share buttons which can provide users more choices.

3) Added color option for static button widget. We added the color option for static button styling. Webmasters are able to change the background color and the font color of the static button.

4) Added user profile progress bar. We added a user profile progress bar under the user name. It will appear if the user has not completed his profile section. The profile progress bar reminds users to completes their profile and this feature is connected with our future development features.

5) Corrected the meta tags of page preview for shorten links via Sharpay. We have corrected the meta tags in our special shorten link. If webmasters choose to shorten links in the website project setting, users can disable the page preview when they choose to share posts without photos. For users to share posts without photos and page previews, it works only if webmasters has chosen to shorten links using Sharpay.

6) Updated error display in the sharing window. The sharing window will not issue any errors until the user has entered a comment or the user has not pressed the sharing button.

7) Migrated and updated our system to the latest programming environment. We tested our system performance, migrated and updated it to the latest environment.

In Sharing We Trust! Team

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