Sharpay development update: added new features, fixed bugs and improved UI

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Hello Everyone!

Sharpay development update: added new features, fixed bugs and improved UI.

We have been developing and improving our Sharpay application to give everyone the best sharing experience and revolutionize the existing social media marketing.

Let us report you some of the new development:

1) Added token reward history on Wallet page. We have updated “Tokens Available” (Green section) and “Tokens under review” (Yellow section) on Wallet page, you are now able to see the detailed breakdown of token rewards and expenses on

2) Fixed blank transactions error. Not all types of transactions were displayed in user’s wallet before, and because of that, some users might encounter blank transactions (transaction notifications with no information). We have fixed it and now you can see different detailed transactions.

3) Fixed Facebook page email error. If you want to link your Facebook page to your account, by linking Facebook page we will automatically get your email address and update your profile. We have fixed an internal error that occurred when you refused to give us your Facebook email address.

4) Checked Facebook page API. Facebook released a new version of API for Facebook page, and we had to work on the permission to post content on page’s feed. Now, you can share content on your Facebook (Blue icon) and your Facebook Page (Red icon) that you manage.

5) Checked compatibility of our plugin in WordPress 5.0. WordPress 5.0 is scheduled to be released on November 19, we have tested the compatibility of our Sharpay plugin. You can install our plugin in 3.5 or higher version of WordPress.

We have also improved our application UI (user interface) if you may have noticed. For example, we have changed the token currency with our smart “S” logo on the top menu, improved the design of user’s token balance and table.

Stay tune for more development updates!

In Sharing We Trust! Team

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