Christmas & New Year 2019 Lottery has successfully completed!

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Dear Sharpay Community Members!

Our Sharpay Christmas & New Year 2019 Lottery has successfully finished! The winners are rewarded!

Congratulations everyone! Our Christmas & New Year 2019 Lottery for OEX exchange traders has completed! We have automatically checked all the lottery participants and our system has randomly drawn all qualified winners!

Here are the qualified winners:

1st: 0xFD1a3f708E94d6c3B73a3Db594CcF5b67748ea19 — 400,000 S tokens
2nd: 0xA7109dCC56B0769912F08D973ea05fD102aE4a96 — 250,000 S tokens
3rd: 0x2FF9d34F91B4AAAA9784D9CB29302C056aEc4f4C — 150,000 S tokens
4th: 0x53e1eB6a53d9354d43155f76861C5a2AC80ef361 — 50,000 S tokens
5th: 0x2Ee0E7218dbca5839F578b614Ddb4b62e838FC57 — 50,000 S tokens

We have already credited the lottery prizes to the winner accounts on accordingly. For other winners, we will transfer them the lottery prizes after they have passed the KYC on OEX exchange and withdrawn their S tokens to their personal ETH wallet addresses. Congratulations!

Thank you so much for participating in this lottery! If you have any questions regarding the rewards, please feel free to contact our admin (

Wait our new lottery for all S token traders!

In Sharing We Trust! Team

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