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Dear Sharpay Community Members!

We have made an important strategic decision to focus on developing our sharing with blockchain rewards feature only. Now, this is our main feature.

Our Sharpay buttons have 2 main features: multisharing and sharing with blockchain rewards, and we have always promoted them together before. Each of them is unique in itself.

When we started developing our multisharing button, we aimed to connect all top social networks around the world, so everyone can share website content to their favourite social networks in one click (multisharing feature). However, some of the largest world social networks and messengers, such as WeChat and Kakao never give anyone the opportunity to use their social networks for multisharing. We did countless requests, but they were ineffectual. That is because of their company policies. As WeChat and Kakao are the largest social networks in Asia, multisharing has never been full-fledged without them.

Not so long ago, Facebook also restricted the rights of developers. This is due to last year’s Facebook database leak scandal, for which Mark Zuckerberg was justified in the US Congress. The restriction applies to all applications. Because of that, now our users cannot use the multisharing feature for sharing news to Facebook unfortunately.

As Facebook is the largest social network, we believe that this restriction is very essential for us. This finally clarified the situation, now it became clear that our first feature — multisharing in one click — without Facebook can no longer be equivalent to our second main feature — sharing with blockchain rewards. That is why we now decided to focus on the development and promotion of the Sharpay sharing with blockchain rewards feature as our only one major and unique feature.

However, it does not mean that we will give up and stop development or supporting our multishare feature! We only shift our development priority. Now multisharing on some large social networks is not possible yet, but periodically we will send them requests on using their API with advanced features. As soon as they approve our requests, we will definitely release it!

Now about the main thing.

Our sharing with blockchain rewards feature is automatic, unique and has no analogues. The use of this feature cannot be technically limited, therefore now we are not dependent on the policies of any social networks. And we have an international PCT patent priority on 152 countries for this (by the way, we will soon tell you in detail what it means).

Currently in accordance with our strategic vision, we are developing a new sharing window. As soon as the user decides to share interesting content from any site using our Sharpay share buttons, he will see a new sharing window with more technological features. The new sharing window will provide users all these three different methods for choosing:

- direct sharing with rewards
- multisharing with rewards
- referral link for sharing with rewards.

As the connected social networks in direct sharing and multisharing are different, all social networks in both sharing methods are different too. Unlike the old sharing window of which websites can only install one sharing option, either multisharing or direct sharing buttons, the new Sharpay sharing window will give users freedom and autonomous to choose different sharing methods.

We believe that with the usual clear-to-everyone sharing with unique features and focusing on sharing with rewards, Sharpay will succeed. Especially considering the fact that now you can do sharing with rewards on Facebook, WeChat, Kakao and all main social networks! It is very cool!

Now we are finishing work on updating our UI / UX and will soon make the official release of our new sharing window, user accounts, and also update our site, in accordance with the 2019’ UI / UX trends.

Thank you for your faith and support! Are you ready for “to the moon” with Sharpay?

In Sharing We Trust! Team

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