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Hi guys! We have good news. The Russian-speaking blockchain community (as you know, it is one of the most active communities in the world) stimulated us with several interesting integrations. Today we’ll talk about one of them.

We integrated VIZ. VIZ is a blockchain platform for social applications, users of which can reward each other with tokens from emissions (that is, continuously “printed” by blockchain tokens) or through a direct transfer. Now websites and Telegram channels with Sharpay share buttons installed can select VIZ tokens for rewards. The first site on which there is a button with VIZ token rewards is

By the way, all VIZ tokens received for sharing can be withdrawn from your personal Sharpay wallet from the first day of integration. Minimum balance for withdrawal: 100 VIZ tokens.

Share interesting content with and get your VIZ tokens for sharing and organic visits for free!

In Sharing We Trust! Team

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