is connected to My World @ Mail.Ru!

Dear community!
We are now connected to My World @Mail.Ru!

My World @Mail.Ru is the 3rd most popular Russian social networks after and It has more than 9.2 million active monthly users. My World @Mail.Ru focuses on the application development, mainly on games and video, which allow users to socialize and interact with others.

Do you know? Sharpay has connected to all top 3 Russian social networks and they are all operated by Mail.Ru Group! Mail.Ru Group is a leading Internet company in Europe and is the 1st largest Internet business globally, based on the average minutes per visitor (comScore, top 100 properties, April 2016, worldwide).

Sharing has no boundaries! We will continue to connect different social networks all over the world!

In Sharing We Trust! Team

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