is re-inventing the social media marketing!

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Dear Sharpay Community Members!

Sharpay is disrupting the existing social media marketing tools with its unique features.

There are over 3 bln people using social networks everyday, and social media marketing becomes more and more significant to online businesses. The traditional single-function share buttons however are all outdated in this blockchain era.

Sharpay has no analogues and has two main unique innovative features that others don’t have:

1) Sharing with rewards. Now users are able to earn cryptocurrencies by sharing site’s content using our Sharpay buttons. It not only attracts and incentivizes users to promote website’s content but also a win-win for both websites and users.

2) All in one social media marketing tool. We combined everything on one platform, from customizing own buttons, managing rewards to analyzing website performance. We create a more effective and efficient social media marketing tool for all webmasters.

For webmasters: If you have not installed our Sharpay buttons on your websites, you should try it now! Go to and get your buttons! You can install your own Sharpay buttons via HTML, WordPress or Couldflare.

For button users: Use our Sharpay buttons to share news on your social networks, get your own token rewards by promoting websites. If you know your favourite websites have not installed our Sharpay buttons, ask them to do it! Tell them the benefits and advantages of Sharpay buttons! You can try our Sharpay buttons on our official website:!

We have listed on these exchanges where you can buy our S tokens:

🔸 OEX:

We keep adding new features and improving our Sharpay buttons, and we will soon announce one of our important new features. Follow us and stay tuned!

In Sharing We Trust! Team

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