is the next generation of social media marketing CryptoRunner reviewed!

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Dear Sharpay Supporters!

CryptoRunner is using our Sharpay buttons and gave us a review. They see Sharpay’s huge market potential!

Different media contact us about cooperation. We are pleased to support such cooperation. For example, CryptoRunner, one of the leading Bitcoin comparison sites which helps you make the best decision to save & make money, has installed our Sharpay buttons to reward its visitors and wrote an article about us.

“Sharpay share buttons represent the next-generation of targeted content distribution… Sharpay’s hi-tech blockchain-based platform has incentivized content sharing making information posting to be more convenient.”

Read the article:

If your favourite crypto media websites have not installed our Sharpay buttons, ask them to install and review it! They will definitely find out our benefits and advantages!

In Sharing We Trust! Team

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