notifies about fraud attack protection
2 min readOct 1, 2021


Dear Sharpayers!
We have a lot of news. Let’s start with an important notice.

Some of the Sharpay S token holders have received emails from “LH-Crypto GIIS | Global ICO Insurance System” offering insurance compensation to participants in various ICOs.

We officially inform you that has nothing to do with “LH-Crypto GIIS | Global ICO Insurance System”. It’s FAKE! Don’t open their emails! Don’t follow their links! Do not enter logins and passwords from your Sharpay accounts! Do not give them any information about your accounts!

3 years ago, we informed the community about a phishing attack and a leak of a small part of our users’ emails by one of the contractors. Then we reacted instantly to this incident, strengthened the protection protocols, stopped the contract with the contractor and closed all access to third-party contractors. This allowed us to keep almost our entire database confidential. But the leaked small part of emails unfortunately ended up on the black market for which we apologize.

IMPORTANT. The system and account accesses via are secure. Your personal accounts and access to them are reliably protected. All your funds in S (Sharpay) tokens, as well as in any other cryptocurrencies on your accounts are safe. You don’t need to take any emergency action right now to strengthen your protection.

However, remember that when 2FA is enabled, it enhances protection. Also, pay attention to the need to change the password every few months. These simple rules will always help you to maximize the protection of your accounts.

We are working as usual. The number of our users continues to grow. We will continue to inform you about our news and future global changes!

In Sharing We Trust! Team